South Korea v. Uruguay

So I’m trying out posting from my phone while hanging out with my brother and watching the first round of 16 game. He’s giving me advice on doing songs of the day for the travel blog. I don’t have a “dog in this hunt” for this game. I kind of want South Korea to win. They’re one of two Asian nations that made it this far, and Brazil is the South American nation to beat in this tournament. We’re meeting a friend later at Varsity to watch the USA v. Ghana. I’m going to be on pins and needles the whole time. That’s why you have a beer while watching.

Update: Okay, so my ability to pick the underdog winner is obviously flawed.  South Korea played well, but Uruguay made the plays when it counted.  The second goal was simply perfect.


2 thoughts on “South Korea v. Uruguay

  1. Yes, fine, but Uruguay is a tiny country and deserves a chance. Also, can I say, Brazil is not the team to beat–Argentina, baby.

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