The Trip

I now desperately need to either figure out how to petition the BBC to charge a subscription fee for its iPlayer (I’ll pay for it, honest) or hope against hope that BBC America picks up The Trip.  (Seriously, BBC over lords, you’d really save Americans gobs of money while solving your own budgetary wows by charging a subscription fee for the iPlayer. Pension hole filled.) In essence, the BBC gave Steve Coogan (24 Hour Party People, I’m Alan Patridge) and Rob Brydon (Little Britain, MirrorMask) a camera crew, and they’ve gone off reviewing restrauants in the north of England, ostensibly so Coogan can write up these reviews for a newspaper. It’s done in Curb Your Enthusiasm style, so Coogan and Brydon are playing loose versions of themselves.  The clip that just went viral is Brydon and Coogan trying to one up each other’s Michael Caine impressions.

Coogan has a knack for this kind of unscripted work. He was brilliant in the vignette of Coffee and Cigarettes where Alfred Molina tries to convince Coogan they’re related.


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