Thanksgiving Traditions

1. Making more desserts than is feasible to eat at one time.

2. Group holiday craft projects. This project is the one currently in progress.

3. Continuously cleaning the kitchen.

4. Watching White Christmas, our official best Christmas movie ever.

5. Trying to plan out seeing everyone we want to see without missing anyone, a nearly Herculean task.

6. Multiple grocery store trips, although I’ve managed to go to the store only once so far. And I still miss the Taj Mah Kroger’s. Although, now I shop there versus running around the place with Dan and Tony, singing Pavement’s “Cut Your Hair” at the top of our voices.

7. Trying to shop without going to Northpark.

8. Pulling down the Christmas decorations from the attic, and putting up the advent calendar and nativity scene.

9. Multiple lap kitties.

10. Movies. Lots of movies. And new music.

11. Dessert for dinner, fires in the fireplace, naps, and general laziness.

12. That bag of work that gets rooted around in eventually.

So what are yours?


One thought on “Thanksgiving Traditions

  1. 1. Making more desserts than is feasible to eat at one time.

    I agree with that one. It’s not really Thanksgiving if you aren’t eating leftover pie for breakfast.

    2. Listening to your cousins plot their master plan for Black Friday success, and wondering: why on earth would you get out at midnight for a $3 toaster?

    3. Watching all the 2nd cousins–the kiddos– running around the den gleefully, playing, and asking, “Is it time for pie yet?” Because, you know, turkey and deviled eggs are just the appetizers.

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