medlars and mignottes (November 2010 CD club mix)

As I’ve mentioned, I belong to a CD club. Each month a new cd of new or new to me music makes its way into my mail box. In return, I  send out one CD of my own making. I just finished the November 2010 mix. Yes, I realize it’s officially December, but we’re a little lax on the whole concept of exact dates. As an added bonus, I’m fairly confident the post office guy at the downtown FSM branch was wondering just who the heck was the girl sending out mailers to the West Coast, Texas, Iowa, and Philadelphia.

This particular CD has been a long time in the making. It started as a writing mix in the winter of 2009. At one point it had over 20 songs, and it was almost two hours long. I hadn’t intended it to be a mix for anyone but myself, but then Dan offered me November when we changed the schedule at the beginning of the year, and he said the magic words “rainy day” mix. I couldn’t resist.

Dan and I bonded in high school over rainy day music, both of us surprised that someone else thought that rainy days had their own soundtrack. (It’s the kind of realization that only occurs in high school, but still, the appreciation of rain, the smell of wet concrete, and the love of music is at the core of our lengthy friendship.) I knew I wanted this mix to be what I sent out since it began as a rainy day mix of sorts. Really, it’s a mix inspired by the fading of the year, cold weather, and the homey glow of lamp light and hot tea. It’s been considerably pared down as I had to edit away, add new things, and generally reshape it into a mix worthy of someone besides me listening to it.

Mix CDs or mix tapes in general are odd constructions. You’re putting together other people’s work and in the process making it your own. Nothing drives a mix tape but the creator’s own taste. It’s like a sonic gallery of sorts; you carefully put like objects together, hoping for some sort of continuity or that others hear and see what you hear and see.  So, here’s my mix, minus one small instrumental that I can’t find on grooveshark.


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