Monday Round-up

I’m emerging briefly from my grading cocoon to bring you Monday happies (happys?), as my friend Sarah calls them.

It’s Sandwich Monday again over at the Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me blog, where they try out the English Chip Butty. Sadly (or happily?), it did not make me nostalgic for the chips and gyros we used to get from the Greek restaurant next to the Gower Street tube station. (Where, for reasons I don’t remember rightly, they knew me as Alicia.) Added bonus, more sandwiches from around the world.

Fake Onion report on TCU getting into its new conference (I can’t even remember the silly initials) because Texas girls are hotter than other girls. (But we all knew this.)

New York Magazine curates your taste with its year end review of culture 2010, via handy top ten lists. I discovered I was less cultured than I think, or at least that I have less highbrow tv tastes than New York Magazine. But, well, we all knew this too. On the other hand, they too liked Vampire Weekend’s Contra, so there you go.


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