Song for the Season: Lady & Bird, “Stephanie Says”

In the Winter of  2001, Wes Anderson released The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s ochre color palette, LaCoste t-shirt dresses, fur coats, askewed preppiness, and children’s book swirl made it into the perfect end of year film. I hesitate to call it a Christmas movie, but I do think of it that way. I saw it at the Angelika in Dallas with some of my favorite people. Mark Mothersbaugh (yep, the guy behind DEVO) coordinated the soundtrack and instrumental music. He leaned heavily on the Velvet Underground, including the track “Stephanie Says.” I actually prefer the Lady & Bird version, but I know this song’s inclusion in Wes Anderson’s dysfunctional vision is partly what makes it “holiday” music. Mere association is enough for memory of a time, after all.


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