Song for the Season: Steve Earle, “Galway Girl”

I guess it was four, maybe five years ago that my friend Dan sent me a mixed tape for Christmas. I think it was the last actual tape. At any rate, I was working for mom and dad that season and I had to go deliver something on a snowy day in Dallas, a soft rarity to be sure. It was actual snow too, not just ice. I went the back way through Highland Park, down Armstrong to Oak Lawn, past the creek and park. Steve Earle’s “Galway Girl” came on just as I drove past a row of swans making their way from the creek to an unknown destination. Their long white necks and black eyes perfectly blended with the slushy snow and grey sky. I can only presume they were coming in from the cold for hot toddies and chocolate. It was one of those moments were everything seemed delightfully perfect.


One thought on “Song for the Season: Steve Earle, “Galway Girl”

  1. Javier Bardem and Gerard Butler sing this in “P.S. I Love You.” I like this more laid back version, but the version from the movie is much easier on the eyes.

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