Christmas Day Goodies

We’re having a lazy Christmas morning, in large part due to my uncle not getting to have a lazy day at all. He has to work today, so we moved back the family gathering so he could be there.It’s allowed me to peruse the interwebs for Christmas goodies.

My brother emailed me this story about a couple in Chelsea who started getting hundreds of letters addressed to Santa Claus. They actually tried to make the Christmas wishes contained in the letters come true, or at least, did so for as many as they could. Here’s the video from the New York Times. Full warning: I cried.

The Dabbler, a blog on culture, has a compendium of Christmas memories up.

TPM has a recap of the “biggest battles” in the War on Christmas.

Also from the brother, a list of the 20 best knitting patterns, including a Dalek and a little Tardis. (Squee!) Just in time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which is airing for the first time the same day as it’s released in the UK.

Conor Friedersdorf over at the Daily Dish reposts the classic “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” letter from the New York Sun, 1897. It’ll make you tear up too.

And, this word less video of downtown Dallas, a runaway boy, a fairy like girl, and the Children’s Parade by Jun Kang.


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