Top Five

I’ve been remiss in posting my top five moments of 2010 list. It’s an old tradition Dan, Walter, and I started way back in 2003, I think. (Guys confirm that for me.) At any rate, we exchange, either via email or in person, a top five moments in the year list every December. At one point the list was filled with shows, meals (breakfast at Charlie’s, oh, I still dream of you), and other experiences. Now, it’s filled with accomplishments, family building, and other good moments of love and laughter. Here’s my top five:

1. Route 66 trip with my mom and my aunts. Hands done the most fun I’ve ever had on a road trip, and I got to see so much. It was life affirming.

2. Conferences are fun, but one of the best aspects of conferences is they take you places you want to go. My conference circuit this year took me to Austin, where I got to hang out with Andrea and see how much that city has changed, even if the Goodall Wooten is still there. (I also had one of the best cappuccino’s ever at a little coffee shop next to the Goodall Wooten.) It also took me to Cleveland, where I got to be kidnapped by Cassie and Matt and see their fantastic home. Oh, and I started a whole indexing project and made contact with a book editor too. See conferences are fun and productive!

3. The indexing project. It’s been unwieldy at times, and it’s often a lot of database entry.  Nevertheless, every time I think about this collaborative project with April and Natalie, and how we’re doing it from three different places with the help of Skype, Google Docs and forms, Google Books, and the Hathi Digital trust, it makes me smile. It feels monumental, like we’re changing scholarship somehow. And yes, it’s utterly techno geek.

4. Lunch bunch. Hands down the best group of women to shop, play, and squeeze in a 50 minute lunch between teaching with.It’s been too much fun hanging out with these women.

5. I squinched two together for number 5, and they’re not inter-related in the slightest. Five a) is the number of awesome babies born in 2010: Julien, Isabel, Nora Kate, Marshall, Aiden Rose, and Madeline (and if I’ve forgotten anyone, please hit me over the head or something)

Five b) is this blog. It’s been a constant source of joy and introspection. It’s surprised me this trip too. Seeing all my old friends and knowing that they’re reading too has been oddly gratifying.


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