Snow Day, 3

I think we’ve officially hit surreal on the snow day meter, and my class schedules are suffering as a consequence. Sigh. There’s a reason I didn’t put the finishing touches on the unit 2 schedules. Saw this coming from last Spring, but three is seriously a lot of re-doing stuff work. It’s not even snowing yet. Just building up a nice layer of ice for the snow later on. I’m somehow not seeing us having classes tomorrow either. At least not the morning ones if the low is what it’s supposed to be: 7. I don’t like that number as a temperature. Not at all. (And yes, my Iowa and North Dakota friends, I’m a winter weather weakling. But snow is pretty; hearing sleet hit the side of the apartment in sheets is downright creepy.)

Update: sleet has stopped here but we might get some more snow later. I found this article about Dallas weather closings amusing, if only because I was explaining to someone last night that DISD (Dallas Independent School District for those non-Texas readers), among other things, means “dead in snow drift” because Dallas schools rarely close for weather, unless, you know, standardized testing might be going on.


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