You Tube’s Quirky Happiness

I’m continually surprised by the ways the YouTube gets used to promote things that would not typically make it into circulation. No one would normally get to see major ballet company rehearsals or kittens playing in slow motion, but thanks to YouTube’s collaborative nature, we now get these mini-cinematic delights. Some of what goes viral–the monkey on the pig video–is bizarre and absurd. Some of it is in the best spirit of Walt Disney. I was the kid who watched the stop motion nature videos on the Disney Channel when it first became a network. I watched the behind the scenes looks at how animation first began, and the interviews with composers. So it’s not surprising that I’d been drawn to the kind of work on YouTube that highlights the quirky or informative. I’m just surprised that more often than not it’s those kinds of things that go viral on YouTube.

At any rate, the fact that I’ve watched the Kitten in Slow Motion video like ten times today reminded me of how many times I watched the Atlanta Ballet rehearsal video for Big in April 2008. Admittedly, it was the only thing that kept me from hyperventilating before I defended my dissertation. But I kept watching it because it somehow functioned as a moment of pure joy.

Kitten in Slow Motion (music is Christophe Mad’dene – Denghe, and as one comment said, film 90 minutes of this and I’d watch it in theaters.)


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