Song of the Day: Arcade Fire, “No Cars Go”

I’m still a little shocked that Arcade Fire won the Grammy for best record. Sure, they’ve been indie darlings for awhile, and they played a lot of rallies for Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. They just were never mainstream. Their performance Sunday night was most decidedly not one I’m sure most of the Grammy viewing audience was expecting. Arcade Fire don’t perform, per se. The BBC video posted here shows that fact. The various members of the band are caught up in the intensity of the song. Nor do I think the Grammy audience expected people to be yelling into bullhorns, BMX camera bikes, and an accordion. Although, having now seen Arcade Fire juxtaposed with Eminem, I realized that he doesn’t perform either. Both Arcade Fire and Eminem are about the intensity of the sound; Eminem just gets away with it more effectively because hip hop stage numbers are big and brash.

At any rate, I find it a bit ironic Arcade Fire won for The Suburbs, an album I like, but no where nears as much as I do Neon Bible. Oh the vargaries of taste making institutions.


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