Spring in Slow Motion

Okay so I started this post over a week ago, but in an effort to be less utterly annoyed with the snow and the havoc its wrecking on my course planning, I began making lists of things I wanted to do when it thawed out. I think the list still applies, especially since I’m listening to the first flush of spring music. On the list so far:

  • make happy, slow motion-esque spring mix in an Umbrellas of Cherbourg aesthetic but not ultimate ending. Songs so far: Jonsi, “Go Do,” Glee version of Florence & the Machine “Dog Days are Over,” and Christophe Mad’dene “Denghe”
  • FC Dallas v. Colorado Rapids for my birthday.
  • SEC baseball game (Glinda really likes baseball; I like sporting events that involve incredibly bad for you hot dogs)
  • learning to quilt
  • doing that whole race thing with SGS (5k people, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here; okay sort of on hold while SGS heals from car accident. Exercise in general then.)
  • fondue party
  • I have an itch to learn how to make home brew or just how to make Dog Fish’s Jiahu or I just need to get on that teleport machine so I can go spend my weekends at Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District. Surely the exercise will cancel out the pizza and Jiahu?

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