Jane Austen, Antebellum South, and Fashion

I’m reposting this from my Jane Austen class blog. Thanks to the brother for the heads up. He’s super good about the cool emails with cool things.


Interesting debate going on over at Ta-Nehisi Coates’s blog for the Atlantic on the way fashion changes between the 1810s and the 1860s.

He seems to be reading Austen this semester too. Here‘s his take on Sense and Sensibility, Austen’s use of language, and hip hop. I’ve gone through and listed some of his other entries below. It’s a fascinating cultural connection as Coates puts his professional and pleasure reading of Austen into the mix of his blog about culture, race, music, and politics for the Atlantic as well as in connection with his research into the antebellum South.

I was in the middle, before I knew I had begun.


To Make Sport for Our Neighbors.

How Do You Teach Beauty?

Jane Austen Just Dissed You

He was all attention to everyone

The Vocab


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