Song of the Day: The Dodos: “Beards” and “Fools”

My brother sent me a song off the fortcoming Dodos album yesterday, and it sent me trawling through YouTube for Dodos videos. Naturally enough, I came across a Blogotheque video of the duo walking around and performing in San Francisco. Somewhere in the back of my mind where all ideas go to percolate and ferment, there must be an essay about busking or maybe a class. I don’t know. I keep on coming back to this subject though. I’m particularly fond of the opening song, and the serendipitous discovery of a guy sitting on his stoop playing the accordion. But, I’m also strangely partial to the accordion. I think it might be fun to be married to an accordion player. (Or perhaps that’s a good/bad opening line to something; it’s obviously midterms and I’m obviously waaaay under caffeinated.)


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