Woody Allen Films

I’m not the biggest Woody Allen fan in the world. I tend to like his aesthetic approach more than the actual plot or characters in his films. Annie Hall’s style is what I like from that film. The 1930s gleam in most of his films appeals more than his slightly askew mystery plots.  It’s perhaps the reason why my favorite Woody Allen film is still Everyone Says I Love You. It’s a film all about family aesthetics, and oh, people periodically break out in song, including a finale set in Paris with Groucho Marx costumes and dancing by the Seine. It doesn’t hurt that Edward Norton is in the film too. Despite my reservations about Woody Allen’s films, I’m actually interested in seeing the new one, Midnight in Paris. I will admit A.O. Scott’s review in the New York Times sold me on the film more than anything, although I do tend to like Owen Wilson in this type of darkly comic, lost soul sort of roles. Scott, like me and I assume many others, seems to have the same issues with Allen’s oeuvre while also still appreciating what Allen, at his best, is capable of doing as a screenwriter and film director. I find the premise alluring: Gil, imbued with ennui, longs for the Paris of the Lost Generation. He’s magically transported into that Paris at night, returning to the here and now in the morning. The time travel aside, it sounds like a film about nostalgia and curiosities, two themes I find recurrent in my life at the moment.


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