Song of the Day: The Sundays, “Monochrome”

This song is probably going at the end of my June CD club mix. It’s a sweetly nostalgic song, a theme that seems to go hand in hand with the space focus of the album. I love the lines at the end as Harriet Wheeler’s full soprano weaves a tale of new horizons and the Apollo moon landing: “I half expect to hear them asking to come down/Oh, will they fly or will they fall/ To be excited by a long, late night.” This recording is from a live performance in 1997. Wheeler stands alone at center stage, seemingly distanced from both the band around her and the audience in front. You can hear talking in the background, the annoying kind of chatter that always makes my skin crawl during a song like this. Slowly, the room goes silent as Wheeler’s voice pulls everyone in. Suddenly, no one else in the room matters but her and the narrative she sings.


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