Judith Flanders and the Wikipedia

Another Matt Shaw link, this time to Judith Flanders’s blog. (Judith Flanders blogs! Squee worthy geek out moment on par with discovering that Kate Flint has a photo blog.) Through the British Library, Flanders spent a Saturday editing Wikipedia entries using the BL’s collections and resources. I love the bizarre confluence of writers, the BL, Judith Flanders, the Victorians, the Wikipedia, and bawdy songs about the burning of Parliament in 1830s. I also discovered that Flanders has a new book out called The Invention of Murder. I’m reading it as soon as I can lay hands on a copy. Her Inside the Victorian Home has the most flags in it of any book I used in my dissertation. And as my family and students know, give me a pack of Post-It Note flags, and I’m one happy person. If the new book is anywhere near as fantastic as Inside the Victorian Home, I’m so using it the next time I teach the Victorian Lit. class on crime and sensation fiction.


2 thoughts on “Judith Flanders and the Wikipedia

    • I didn’t know that Gaskell based the story on a real murder case. I taught Mary Barton as part of the class I did on crime and sensation fiction, even though the novel is considered a social problem novel. You may cover this in your book, but I always read the courtroom section as a kind of melodrama that is at odds with the rest of the novel’s structure. Did the murder case Gaskell drew from include a well documented court trial?

      Best, Lindsy Lawrence

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