The Outdoor Movie Night

I’ve always wanted to do an outdoor movie night. I love the idea of gathering people in the back yard to watch a film. It combines the best parts of the drive-in theater or a movie night on a rooftop space with the comfort of home. I don’t have the projector equipment (or the backyard in any sort of shape) for this to be a possibility right now. N0r do I have the necessary plethora of blankets, sheets, and floor pillows. But, I’m totally living vicariously through this post on Design*Sponge about someone else’s backyard movie night. Of course, this particular movie night was hosted by a company, Bash Please, that does vintage weddings, so it’s more than a little over planned. Yet, the ethos is still the same I think. Maybe next summer when I have a deck and flowers and stuff, not just piles of leaves and no plants whatsoever. The previous owners of my little abode were not gardeners. (Nor were they particularly handy or attention oriented, judging by the mistake of putting a 100 watt bulb in a 60 watt light socket, among other oddities.) So garden designing is on the agenda for the fall. I have to finish painting and curtain hanging first, but I can always dream.


2 thoughts on “The Outdoor Movie Night

  1. A friend does a summer backyard movie series–mostly drive-in, schlock, and horror. It’s actually not that hard to set up, though a high-quality video projector can run you several hundred bucks. Anna and I are considering this for next year or maybe even in the fall. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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