Song of the Day: Working for a Nuclear Free City, “Rocket”

I’m in full on CD club mix making mode. It always seems to fall as I’m in mass grading mode as well. An odd confluence to be sure, but it seems to work for me. This song is definitely ending up on the mix. I love the last line of the lyrics–“if you wanna leave, better build a rocket.” It seems to fit a mix all about the nostalgic pull of space and the stars but it’s also about wanderlust, place, and homecomings. I’m currently editing the mix. Well adding and then subtracting; editing implies doing the kinds of aural tweaking Jordan does. I’m merely curating a collection of songs. I don’t think it’s going to be a two disc mix after all. I decided that two discs was not only indulgent but also me being lazy about editing/curating. Yet, I can’t seem to let one of the Frank Turner songs go. I really can’t put both on there. It sort of violates the unwritten rule of CD mix making–you can’t repeat artists.


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