Harry Potter film overviews

No, I haven’t seen the last Harry Potter yet–that’s tomorrow night. So please, no one tell me how it is. I’ve read the book series several times and the last one recently, so it’s not plot you’d be spoiling. But I want to be able to judge for myself in some odd way. At any rate, my friend Walter has a fantastic run down on the films as films. I have to agree with him that the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite film of the bunch. It was my favorite book in the series too, in part because Rowling had figured out her style by that point and in part because we see Harry’s story being tied to a larger narrative and universe. He inherited this fight, and the complexities of the adult characters’ decisions hints at the moral murkiness that motivates almost every character in the later books. No one is infallible even while trying to make the right choices. At any rate, Walter’s reviews remind us that these films are in fact films, a fact that often gets lost when discussing adaptations. It’s perfect pre-Potter watching reading.


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