London Bound

I leave for London tomorrow. Specifically, I’m leaving for Heathrow, traveling between Paddington and King’s Cross Stations and taking a train to Canterbury. I’m more moving through London than actually being in London, which is a little sad to me, but it’s the nature of planning a trip around a conference and a research trip to Edinburgh. I’m terribly nervous about the conference presentation. It’s a roundtable talk, and therefore more informal than a typical conference paper. Plus, my co-presenter and I have talked lots through Skype, but have only met once in person. We have chunks of stuff written and detailed talking points, but it’s different than a conference paper. A lot different. It’s making me nervous. It’s a hybrid between a conference paper, teaching, and a more business like presentation using power point. It needs to be all these things, of course, but it’s still not what I’m used to. In reality, this presentation will go well. I’m presenting with someone whose professionalism is high and who knows the field well. And the indexing project we’ve been working on is so utterly cool. (Okay, cool to Victorian periodical/poetry geeks, which is a small subset of the population I realize.) But I don’t think I’ll really be enjoying my trip until I’m on the train to Edinburgh on Sunday. The Scottish National Library and it’s holdings of Blackwood’s correspondence awaits me.


One thought on “London Bound

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time, and I doubt your success not a bit. Do enjoy the Scottish National Library for me; I adore Edinburgh.

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