The Nest


The Nest is a thermostat designed by the people who did the Ipod and I want one. It’s not only totally design savvy, but it also learns your temperature preferences, meaning you never have to program it. It also has a green/good leaf reading stage so you know you’ve set your temperature at a proper, energy efficient range, which is also good information and feels like someone is giving you a creepy electronic pat on the head. It’s pricey, but super cool at the same time. It ranks right up there with the Fiskar rain barrel that catches run off from the gutters and drains on the outside of the house. You can then attach a hose to the barrel and water your yard.


Song of the Day: Guster, “This Could All Be Yours”

This song by Guster played during the end credits during The Big Year, a quiet, slight but compelling film with Steve Martin, Jack Blake, and Owen Wilson. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it actually. The music for it was really perfect in many ways.

Summer Fun Retrospective 1: Cocoa Beach

At one point I planned on doing a massive post of fun stuff from the summer. Such a project would probably have been helped by me not packing in the summer fun back to back (or getting poison ivy in there). Then school started back up, and I’ve been going flat out trying to keep up. Things have calmed some now, but the massive post doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore. Working backwards, then, here is the first post in the summer fun retrospective.

First the soundtrack:

Cocoa Beach sand sign and alligator! (yes, I like the kitschy stuff, but we all knew that)

Emily and me on the beach.

Jennifer and Ann-Gee snacking and watching the sunset after Jennifer and Glinda played tennis.

Our feet in the sand.

Surfing at moon rise

Sunset over the hotel

Em goofing around!

State Fair 2011


Big Tex!

We did the State Fair for Emily and Jordan’s birthdays this year. I love Big Tex. He’s a cheesy statute that waves and speaks. I love him anyway.

Funnel cake–the other thing I love about the fair is the funnel cake.

Jordan and Emily eating a sweet roll. She was very insistent that this thing get bought and eaten.

The Texas Star

Song of the Day: The Nation, “Racing Like a Pro”

I adore The National, possibly for non-music related reasons. Or tangentially music related reasons. The lead singer is a solid baritone. I’m a solid alto; most male singers are tenors (at least in music) so I’m in that range. I can’t sing baritone. I can get pretty low, but it hurts if I try for that lower range for too long. So, I feel like I’m singing super high when I sing along to the National.

Case Histories

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I watch PBS on Sunday nights. (Quite the shocker, I know.) The last couple of weeks, Masterpiece Mystery has been airing the three part series Case Histories, starring Jason Isaacs. It’s pretty regular fare as far as the mysteries go. Certainly not as envelope pushing as the series Luther, which just finished up its second series on BBC America. The interaction between Jack Brodie and his daughter makes the series, for me at least. Well, that, and the gorgeous cinematography of Edinburgh and the perfect soundtrack. Billy Young over at Tellyspotting has sussed out the track listings.

The opening song from last week was Eliza Gilkyson’s “When You Walk On,” a hauntingly melodic ballad of loss and redemption.

Go check out the rest of the listings.


Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

I took this picture when I did my grocery shopping this week. Yep, that’s eggnog in your diary or non diary or organic vehicle of choice. (I say that as someone who buys organic milk.) It’s too early for eggnog. Seriously, unless it’s December already, eggnog shouldn’t be available. It entirely takes the fun out of looking forward to eggnog.