Summer Fun Retrospective 1: Cocoa Beach

At one point I planned on doing a massive post of fun stuff from the summer. Such a project would probably have been helped by me not packing in the summer fun back to back (or getting poison ivy in there). Then school started back up, and I’ve been going flat out trying to keep up. Things have calmed some now, but the massive post doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore. Working backwards, then, here is the first post in the summer fun retrospective.

First the soundtrack:

Cocoa Beach sand sign and alligator! (yes, I like the kitschy stuff, but we all knew that)

Emily and me on the beach.

Jennifer and Ann-Gee snacking and watching the sunset after Jennifer and Glinda played tennis.

Our feet in the sand.

Surfing at moon rise

Sunset over the hotel

Em goofing around!


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