Top five lists

It’s that time of year again where I make top five lists. It’s a weird time keeping system to be sure, but one that I value. I’ve made a top five moments of the year list with my friends Dan and Walter for probably close to a decade now (I don’t quite remember when we started, but definitely before Dan moved to the Pacific Northwest.) We sometimes do bands or music we’ve listened to, or books we’ve read. It gets harder to be a consumer of pop culture as I get busier. I’ve probably only bought five albums this year, but there are a lot of memorable songs (Beirut’s The Rip Tide, The Decemberists’s The King is Dead, Joe Henry’s Reverie, and the Dodos newest album being notable exceptions on the album front.) Mostly we share moments, the things that made the year good.

Here’s my top five of 2011.

1. I bought a house. I’m still stunned by that statement, but I bought a house, an adorable, perhaps too girly, but cozy bungalow with grey, orange, and yellow walls and a kitchen that’s still in progress. Oh, and a new back door going in next week, and perhaps an abstract mural in the laundry room with all the leftover paint. I’m still determined make the backyard into some kind of space where you could do outdoor movies in the summer.

2. I went to a conference in England and then took the train up to Edinburgh to do research. Such nerdy, academic fun.

3. I visited in Ohio with my good friends Cassie and Jill, and then went to the beach for a week with the lunch bunch girls and Emily. Girly trip bliss all around.

4. I got an essay into an edited collection, made progress with the database project, have a collaborative essay due in February, and asundry other good professional things. I feel like I’m making progress. Did I mention my students have also been super productive? So proud of their work too.

5. Oliver. He’s a putz of lanky boy cat messiness, but he’s also super sweet. I’m not sure what I did without him. Although, I now have to retrain him to stop eating all the cat food so Michou might get more than a few bites in. Sheesh cat, she needs to eat too.


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