Song of the Day: Katharine McPhee, “Beautiful”

I’ve never been a fan of American Idol or any of the singing contest shows really. Partly it’s because I find a lot of the music that they sing over produced. But I’m two episodes into Smash, and I’m adoring the work being done by Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright. She’s fairly spot on as a young ingenue trying to break into Broadway. I’m not a big Broadway musical fan per se, but I’m always a fan of workplace dramas/shows. I know some critics are finding the adoption plot heavy handed, but Debra Messing is ridiculously good as a woman wanting another child, wanting the family she has, and not wanting to give up the creative thing that makes her happy. (I’m also adoring the fact that both Jack Davenport and Razza Jaffrey are in the same show.) Yet, so far it’s been this song that has me hooked. Some of the other numbers have felt over done, and even though this version is more produced than the one that aired in the pilot episode, it still resonates.


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