Effects of Advertising

McDonald’s announced yesterday that it will phase out gestation crates in its food supply chain. Gestation crates are essentially small cages pregnant sows spend their entire pregnancy, and sometimes lives, in. Whole Foods and Chipolte already buy pork from suppliers who raise pigs in a group environment versus the cages. And, I suspect McDonald’s move comes as a the Zeitgeist shifts even more as a result of Chipolte’s effective commercial/short film detailing the evils of big agra farming practices. People want to know that the cows, pigs, and chickens that they eat are being treated fairly. It’s odd to be sure–we are after all killing these animals as a food source–yet I’m more likely to buy free range chicken than not. Those Tyson chicken trucks going up 540 freak me out.


One thought on “Effects of Advertising

  1. I was going to point out that McDonald’s owned (or partly owned) Chipotle, but I looked it up just in case, and sure enough, McDonald’s dropped out of Chipotle several years ago. Which is still worth pointing out, because now McDonald’s is playing catch-up to the “young upstart” they helped get off the ground.


    And yeah, those chicken trucks were crazy. I NEVER liked being on the same highway as them. 😦

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