The Hunger Games and Race

So, there is apparently a group of people (i.e. people who need to learn that Twitter is public) outraged (making such vicious and dumb racist comments that I won’t link to the article that recounts them) that black actors were cast in the roles of Thresh, Rue, and Cinna in The Hunger Games, because, well, I can only assume that they have poor reading comprehension skills or did not actually read the book. Jezbel runs down the list of characters and the descriptions from the book here. Guess what, both characters are explicitly described as being darker skinned. I will admit, I didn’t re-read the books, so I didn’t have that reminder of how the characters were described, but all the actors seemed well cast for their parts, especially Amandla Strenberg as Rue. She just emoted cleverness and gracefulness throughout the film. And I’ll take Lenny Kravitz any day of the week.


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