Beirut Soiree de Poche

Vincent Moon and his crew over at La Blogotheque manage to capture the essence of a band and their fans almost every time they film a show. Somehow, I missed this two part video of a live Beirut show in someone’s house/flat in Paris. A soiree de poche is a pocket book show; an intimate gathering where the interplay between band and audience is at it’s most direct. In some ways, the audience becomes part of the band, an enthusiastic backing chorus with harmonizing voices, hand claps, and swaying bodies. The voyeuristic gaze between audience and band isn’t intensified because of this joining of band and audience. Indeed, the confluence turns the performance into something more. And it gives me another excuse to post videos of Beirut. Not that I really needed an excuse. My adoration of Beirut is in the same stratosphere as my love for Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Part 1:

One of my three favorite Beirut songs, “Nantes,” comes at the 5 minute mark.

Part 2:

Somehow, someday, I will get to see this band play live.


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