Doctor Who and Comic Con

This is the week I set aside to work on the Doctor Who essay I presented at PCA in April. I think I’ve got something about neo-Victorianism, nostalgia, memory, Christmas episodes, Dickensian themes, and the 11th Doctor that will be make a good journal article. If I lived in California, I’d probably do Comic-Con just once so I could say I’d gone, and then I’d get to see awesomeness like the Whovian panel this past weekend.

Since Karen Gillian and Arthur Darvill have already filmed their last episodes as Amy Pond and Rory Williams, it’s a bit of a farewell tour for them. I’ve been rewatching season 5 and 6 both for this essay and because season 7 will start airing in the fall. I aspire to Karen Gillian’s hair and general effervescent coolness. So that’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert intern and geeky hipster on my list of things I want to be when I decide that this professoring thing is too adult. Scratch that, surely I can be a geeky hipster and a professor?


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