USMNT wins in Mexico

I was surprised that Oak Cliff (my neighborhood in Dallas) hadn’t somehow exploded when Mexico won the gold medal in soccer on Saturday. It’s a predominantly Latino area, and a win over Brazil is just huge. I’m equally surprised that it and Mexico City didn’t implode last night when the USMNT, who didn’t qualify for the Olympics, beat Mexico in Azteca. Admittedly, the gold medal winning team wasn’t there last night (a scary testament to the depth of the Mexico squad that–the Olympic team needs to be under 23 years of age, with an allowed three players to be older), and it was a friendly, so nothing was really at stake here. But we’ve never won a game in Azteca in the 75 years of playing there. Just unbelievable still. I’ve been humming happily all day–this despite being in a meeting all day–and I just realized this win is probably the reason why. I’m a simple girl; the USMNT just needs to keep on winning and Tim Howard needs to keep on being cute.


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