Musings on the First Week

A random list of things from the first week of school:

  1. The number of campus announcements we get is utterly ridiculous.
  2. You can tell it’s the first week of school when you see an ambulance, fire truck, and the cops in the parking lot on day two. AR drivers don’t know how to stalk parking; hence, I park where I know I don’t have to deal with circling and just walk. I’m happier as a result, or at least until someone tries to hit me crossing the street because AR drivers also don’t know how to read cross walk lights.
  3. My colleagues rock. You all knew this fact, but I’m just reiterating it for posterity.
  4. The one quiet class is cultural studies; I’m taking bets on this not being the case by midterm.
  5. Four separate preps is just that much more work.
  6. ProfHacker‘s productivity week has made me make productivity goals–so I’m cordoning off Tuesday and Thursday mornings to write. (Full disclosure, one of my co-directors on The Periodical Poetry Index, Natalie Houston, writes for ProfHacker and is a productivity coach. I could only dream of being as efficient as she is.)
  7. It is possible to work New York Magazine‘s Approval Matrix into a class without it seeming off.
  8. I’ve managed to actually take attendance in every class. This is a feat of left brained book keeping I normally do without.
  9. Going a whole summer without wearing heels and then wearing heels almost every day the first week does a number on your feet, even if it makes your calves look awesome.
  10. I’m taking bets on me ending up on the ground during next week’s Powderpuff flag football game (faculty women vs. student women). The two times I’ve played flag football for intramurals, I have been elbowed in the nose (complete accident and the student was super sorry about it) and I have been tackled (that student misunderstood the purpose of the flags/just wanted to tackle someone/was crazy). As an added bonus, my friend is going to film it this year for posterity. If I manage to escape unscathed, I’m baking for Brit lit and Dickens.

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