Holiday Anticipation

Christmas, as has been documented on this blog before is my favorite time of year. I’ve gone crafting crazy, and my house currently looks like my laundry from Thanksgiving in Dallas, grading, the beginnings of next semester prep (I plan classes when I’m stressed), and Christmas crafting have all exploded at the same time. As soon as this set of papers are graded, the Christmas decorating will commence. And then on to the next set of papers and some poetry index checking. I have a carefully plotted schedule of work and fun (and maybe a yoga class or two at the park near my house). I’m already planning all the things I want to go see in Dallas when I’m on break. If anyone wants to join, the list and links are below:

Chihuly at the Arboretum (link): I missed it this summer, and while $20 is a bit steep, I still want to go. Or does anyone want to loan my their Arboretum membership?

A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theater Center

The Toulouse Lautrec exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Any other holiday fun suggestions in Dallas or FSM? I’m down for holiday fun, just as soon as these essays get graded.


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