Song of the Day: Noisettes, “Rag Top Car”

Growing up in Dallas, you learn quickly to appreciate the freedom symbolized in owning or having access to a car. I don’t necessarily miss having a car in a city that has good public transport, and I adore taking trains of all sorts. But there is this kind of nostalgic song storytelling around cars that trains and planes just don’t seem to produce. Perhaps it’s because in a car, the music you listen to is for you alone. You can sing as loud as you want and only disturb those travelling with you, who, if they’re any good at road tripping, are singing along just as loudly as you are. “Rag Top Car” is going on my current happy driving mix, Betteredge. Yes, it’s named for Gabriel Betteredge. I’m ridiculously fond of him and The Moonstone.


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