Finals Week Grab Bag

I’m in full on finals week grading mode, which is thankfully not grading and writing mode–thank you kind collection editor for moving that deadline! So here’s a grab bag of stuff to keep you fueled through the week.

Olive Senior on literature and politics at the Guardian.

My friend Walter’s beer and book series over at the Quiet Bubble. It makes me want to take pictures too, but sadly, my pleasure reading choices are nowhere near as erudite. I mean, I’m reading Gail Carringer’s new YA steampunk series.

Christopher Orr’s Iron Man 3 review. David Edelstein liked it too. Yep, go see it.

NPR’s first listen to The Great Gatsby soundtrack. It’s been on continuous play in my house.

The spate of new music in May includes the Gatsby soundtrack and new releases by Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, and The NationalI think the music industry is trying to break my bank account.

Design*Sponge’s Instagram challenge this month is for vintage pictures of your mother.

Kathryn Schulz does not like Fitzgerald’s book. No not at all, and I’m not sure that I don’t agree with her account of the novels flaws, except to say that the characters that populate Fitzgerald’s vision are so bored that I’m not sure they would be able to be more than they are on the page. Of course, it’s been years since I’ve read the novel, so I’m putting in the re-reading time before seeing Luhrman’s version.





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