Citizenship Test

Over at the Atlantic, the posit the hypothetical, what if citizenship weren’t automatic and you had to renew it every ten years? Could you pass a citizenship test? Hypothetical test of knowledge=me so taking it. I did really well, with a score of 55, which means I attained citizenship with distinction. (In this hypothetical, if you get distinction, do you get more citizenship privileges? Cookie delivery? Or is it like distinction in academia, which inevitably leads to more work? I’ll take the cookie delivery, all things considered.) Take the test here before reading further.


I only missed a few questions–that darn Arch and I mixed up Stephen Breyer and Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court Justice face to name matching. Honest mistake really, considering I’m not sure what rulings Breyer has made in his tenure. Do they let him out ever? The elections you’ve voted in question was also a little confusing. I counted national and local, considering I liked voting in municipal Dallas elections because usually someone was trying to screw us over. I’m still steamed about the freaking still not built, but still stupid toll road in the levees. And I definitely have done my part in trying to vote Governor Goodhair out of office, to no avail sadly. I also didn’t know the Japanese interment camp name, but it was the only one in that list I didn’t know, so by process of elimination, I got that one right. I totally got the Alamo right, which I think getting wrong would have been grounds for revoking my Texas girl card, although the Texas legislature is making being state proud a hard proposition at the moment. How did y’all do?


2 thoughts on “Citizenship Test

    • I listened to Roberts’s confirmation hearings because of my Fort Worth commute, so that one is unfortunately burned into the brain. Also, Scalia as Chief Justice is a terrifying thought. Absolutely terrifying.

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