Second Week

So I realized I didn’t do my normal first week back post. Last week was really busy, although I finally fully realized that while I was still nervous on the first day, a lot of my normal first day nerves comes from the adrenaline build up of trying to get everything ready for the first day. Somehow, mostly because I wasn’t substantially changing two of my classes, I got my class prep done before the weekend before.  I’ve also been doing a lot more cardio since I decided I wanted to actually run a 5k color run in October, and I think that combined with getting the prep complete early made me a lot less jittery. Nervous, but not adrenaline jangly, and it makes a lot of sense. One of my best conference presentations came during a conference in Vancouver. I spent a lot of my down time, or when I needed to skip a session to decompress, walking around the town. I did the same this summer. The walking helped the nerves. Now if I can just keep that in mind as I put that promotions portfolio together and those other fall writing deadlines loom.


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