Winter Roundup Day 2


Winter weather round up number two: Snow day number two in full effect with actual snow. I’m wondering if they’ll even pick up the trash today. I’ve lost several limbs off my magnolia tree, but none hit the house. So that’s a win. But I’ve got no idea how I’m going to haul these things to the front so they can pick them up next week.

Somehow the idea of Forest Kindergarten on a day like this is unappealing, but on the whole, I like the concept. All I remember about kindergarten and first grade is already knowing how to read before I got there and sitting in a circle and singing songs. I’m sure most kids would benefit from being outside, and since the Swiss are, like most of Europe, ahead of us academically, maybe we should give this a try. Also, when did recess go away in US schools?!?! No one wonder we have an “obesity epidemic”–I’ m airing quoting that because I detest the phrase and I haven’t developed a better one yet–; we’re not even giving kids time to move and play in school. While I’m not that great at running and it’s a habit I just developed, I took walks all the time in undergrad and grad school. I know I think and manage my stress levels better when I get physical activity in. Surely, kids need that too.

Interesting New Yorker piece on diet drugs and why doctors don’t often prescribe them.

Interview with Orlando Jones about his character on Sleepy Hollow. I may now breathe a sigh of relief and not panic every time I think they’re going to kill him. I mean this is the same show that killed Clancy Brown’s police chief and John Cho’s Andy in the pilot episode. I don’t think anyone but Katrina is safe, and that’s because she’s in purgatory.

New York Mag has a list of the whisper campaigns against various Oscar contenders. The Daily Mail article on P.L. Travers in relation to Saving Mr. Banks is, uhm, damning.

World Cup 2014 Draw is today. Mexico is in Brazil’s group. They really can’t catch a break this year. I’ve got two comp students who are going to be unhappy about that situation. UPDATE: The US is in Group G with Germany, Ghana, and freaking PORTUGAL. (I have a deep seated loathing for the Portugal national team after England’s loss in a dirty, dirty game in the 2006 semifinals.) It’s not the worst thing, but it’s not the best grouping ever. It’s definitely the second group of death, right alongside the group with Spain and the Netherlands and Group D, England, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Italy. Why couldn’t we have gotten the Japan, Greece group? Or France’s amazing luck. Even Mexico only got stuck with Brazil. Sigh. Quarterfinals guys, quarterfinals.


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