Song of the Day: Los Campesinos!, “The Holly and the Ivy”

Seasonly late, but I always thought this song more appropriate to winter proper and not the Christmas season itself. This delicate version by Los Campesinos! is even more so a January gloaming tune, especially with the additional lyrics.

Yes, I’m in total band obsession mode, but that’s because I’m trying to distract myself from obsessing about the fact that my promotions portfolio will make its way from my dean’s office to the possession of the UPC tomorrow. I will officially be unable to add, correct, tinker, or do anything else to it. Not that doing any of those things at this point will really improve it. I made the last addition and correction yesterday. It is what it is. So band obsession, writing, a training run this afternoon, and yoga are how I’m going to work off this nervous energy since I have T/Th writing days this term. I suspect now that some of my full on first day jitters of the worst order yesterday–flashing hot, unable to be still, not sleeping–were more these jitters than all teaching oriented. And I’ll be so busy teaching tomorrow that I won’t have time to think about it.


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