Commercials with a Message

I’m not entirely sure why commercials, particularly car commercials, excel at this kind of cultural work in short form, but this one by Honda is doing some interesting work in rejecting the doom and gloom discourse of the last few years. It’s on par with the Chrysler 300 Super Bowl commercial three years ago which rebranded Chrysler while attempting to also rebrand Detroit, a sadly failing endeavor now that Detroit is auctioning off pretty much every cultural item not nailed down. James Fallows discussed this Honda ad yesterday on his blog, and I agree with a lot of what he said about the ad drawing from the innate hopefulness of Millennial youth culture. The cast is mutli-ethnic, young, hipster-light, and enthusiastic; I hesitate to say multi-cultural because the ad doesn’t highlight different cultural positions. The people are all generic representations of a certain kind of middle-class Millennial with approved tastes and quirks probably highlighted at some point on Stuff White People Like. (I wonder if the book or the fact that many of the items apply to middle-class life more so than whiteness now is why the blog stopped going in 2010.) At any rate, it’s an interesting juxtaposition of imagery and blues.


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