Arkansas, Marriage Equality, and Acceptance over Tolerance

Late yesterday afternoon, the ban against same-sex marriage was overturned in Arkansas. This morning, while I’ve been sitting in the morning graduation ceremony, busting with pride for our graduating majors, another major and her fiancée drove to Eureka Springs and became the first same-sex couple to get a license and marry in the state. This student I’ve seen blossom in class this semester, sustained and supported by her fiancée now wife. I’m so happy and proud of them.

It should surprise no one that I listen to NPR when I run. This morning’s short run–let’s be real, I got up too late for more than a mile and a half–include a feature on a short film about a girl bringing home her girlfriend from college. The 19 yr old director wanted to expose the difference between tolerating diversity and accepting people. In the film, the mother serves as the mechanism by which this topic is explored. The director, when asked if she’d be so hard on the mother in 30 years, replied that she hoped acceptance meant we were past this issue. I sincerely hope my student and her wife experience love and acceptance in their new life together.


One thought on “Arkansas, Marriage Equality, and Acceptance over Tolerance

  1. I absolutely love you, Dr. Lawrence. Your support is much appreciated, as well as the passion you put in educating your students. You’re a wonderful and inspiring educator that I look up to. Again, thank you.
    – Jenn

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