Random musings while getting my oil changed

I’m at the express oil change part of my dealership in Dallas, for which I made an appointment. Alas, that means and hour and a half wait with a massive sinus headache that will not budge from above my right eye. So here’s my random thoughts from the dealership waiting room.

-When did Katie Couric fall so low as to be a) doing a day time talk show and b) how on earth are they just now doing an episode on the DIY movement in Brooklyn? Seriously? Is the day time audience that far behind the trend?

-Why aren’t there any yoga moves you can do seated beyond neck rolls and back stretches for a sinus headache? Pinterest failed me on this one.

-Refinery 29, can you address summer layering in Texas? How do you layer for 100 degrees exactly?

-While insanely biased, Margaret Oliphant’s history of Blackwood’s is delightful for it’s odd tangents on book buying, bibliophilia, and collecting.

Update: Also, is the day time audience also totally unaware of craft beer???!!! Katie, oh Katie, what happened to those hard hitting interviews or whatever they’re supposed to be on the Today Show?


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