Downton Abbey Rap

A student in my Jane Austen and her contemporaries class posted this to the class blog, and besides the hilarity of a rap about BBC/ITV heritage film, it actually does a brilliant job of blending chap hop with social commentary. After all, our consumption of costume drama is directly tied to our 21st century position. As the song says, we’re not likely to die of consumption (tuberculosis), among other ills of the previous centuries. Yet, we consume these texts in a kind of fantasy like way of wanting to relive the past without the inconveniences. A student in another class this week asked me which wave of feminism I liked better, and I replied as a 19th century British lit scholar, I’m most interested in the first wave. But, I’m exceedingly glad to be living in the 21st century 3rd to 4th wave of feminism and have the luxury to be able to vote, work, and make active choices about my life.


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