Fall Notes

There’s a chill in the air, the cats want to be on me all the time (that could be the still not fixed heater), and the time has changed. As one colleague put it last week, where the f did October go? How are we in November already, and seriously, when is that part for my heater going to come in?

It’s been a busy fall, and this month won’t be less full throttle. Here are some notes from the past few weeks:

1. Em and Kyle may have perfected the oreo cake ball. I may or may not totally exercise more just to eat those on a regular basis.

2. I’ve missed running in cooler weather. Even more, I’ve missed coming back from a run with non-dripping hair. I’ve also missed running with the brother, which we did for his birthday.

3. Jason and I spent our first official holiday together at my mother’s handing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters. Oh, and he recorded The Great Pumpkin for me. Officially, the best boyfriend ever.

4. I’m totally avoiding the leaves in my backyard. I’m pretending they do not exist, and thus I don’t have to rake them/leaf blow them/put them in a bag.

5. Lunch bunch needs to meet more often. I miss my girls this semester. We’ve all been too busy.


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