Car Talk

I grew up around cars. The family story goes that my parents, when courting, blamed more than one late return home on my dad’s Alpha Romeo, which notoriously didn’t run as often as it sat there looking pretty. Dad loved cars. He wasn’t necessarily great at fixing them up, but he liked discussing them and had numerous books on the subject. Jordan regularly tinkers with his car, usually for hours loner than he planned, and the bf’s interest in cars, especially the older 1990s models, is completely adorable.

Unsurprisingly, Car Talk became a part of our NPR staple listening. My brother texted me with the news that Tom Magliozzi died this week. On the way home from yoga the next day, I caught part of a Fresh Air interview with Tom and Ray, both of whom were effortlessly charming Teri Gross. The transcript and audio link are here. Do yourself a favor and listen to the interview. Tom is a born storyteller, charming, affable and wickedly smart underneath the regular guy veneer.


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