How to act like a French Woman

Fashion magazines and blogs regularly feature articles on how to be a French girl. There is some ineffable allure about the French, or more specifically Parisian, girl. Something to do with long, bed hair, no makeup/makeup, and iconic fashion poses, all of which American women presumably cannot achieve because we’re too….definable, uniconic, unable to make bed hair look like sex hair? Caroline de Maigret, an ex-model turned music ex, has a new book out entitled–what else– How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are. It’s all part of our obsession with how the French seem to live the good life–eat what they want, dress impeccably–without seeming to stress about it. (Socialized government helps the not stressing part, by the way. When you’re not freaking out over health care costs, you stop obsessing about wine with a meal and its direct health benefit analysis.) At any rate, while the book is not on my to-read-list in the near future, this video which completely spoofs the French girl ethos is a good funny use of your time away from work on this grey, cold Monday. I can’t even contemplate life with out my Ugg boots (big fashion non, non) until after Thursday, when the snow doom has finished.


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