Semester’s End

I’m in that strange lull at the end of the semester when the grades are uploaded, the graduates have walked across the stage, and I officially have no more classroom related duties until summer 1 begins on June 1. It’s strange because I feel like I should have some sort of work to do. And in reality, I have a lot of writing I want to get done as well as other smaller projects that aren’t work related but doing involve modge podge, crafting wall art, and knitting baby bonnets. But I know diving directly into those projects without a break is less than useful.  Okay, the bonnet needs to happen for a certain Princess Ava, but nothing else has a need to do now label on it. I won’t be productive if I dive right on in, and it’s time better spent doing nothing but relaxing. Indeed, my boyfriend sternly told me to do nothing yesterday and didn’t seem at all surprised that I both took a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon (I sure was) and slept in this morning (ditto). Doing nothing is not something I’m particularly good at. I ran this morning, sneaking it in before the next round of rain. I’ve frittered away time on the internet, spent some luxurious time reading Amy Poehler’s ridiculously good Yes Please, and resisted going back to sleep with the kitties, whom have had no problem turning today into a full on exercise in gentle, furry napping. All of this makes me feel unproductive, as if there were more things to tick off on my list of things to do. In reality, all of that can wait until next week, when I am rested and ready to be a clear minded writer. I could get that graduation gift today, but will tomorrow. I could run errands, but I did that Monday. I’ll see my best friend tomorrow night. We’re going on a mad dash to Jonesboro for a graduation this weekend, leading off roughly a month where we’re not at home on a weekend. Oh, and my semester officially ended yesterday when I posted grades. It’s not like doing nothing isn’t warranted, and yet I feel guilty for it. Perhaps I should bake tomorrow after my conference call?  (See, I should tell myself, work is happening.) Maybe doing something that seems productive when in fact it’s pie, and pie is all about the opposite of productivity, is what’s called for here.


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