Of Style, Food, and Change

I read a blog called the New Potato, which is a wonderful mix of food and fashion. The bloggers interview celebrities and ask them questions about what they eat, how the live their daily lives, how they practice beauty from the inside out. They have a pretty standard list of questions and they ask them in equal opportunity fashion, so men have to answer the same kind of questions about diet and appearance as the women they interview do. It’s all lighthearted while staying on the right side of Gwyneth Paltrow culty. Food, in many ways, has become the new fashion. I imagine it’s partly because we are being bombarded with information about what we eat and how we should eat. Eventually, we’ll have to get to some normcore version of foodie-ness just for sanity sake. At any rate, Betty Halbreich has an old school notion of style and eating. A personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman, Halbreich hates normcore and pretty much everything else that passes for street style these days. She’s old school to the core.


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