Chocolate Fraud

I love a good con story. I love them even more when they’re about art or food, which is why Peter Maylie novels amuse me so. I prefer my con stories with marks who can afford to be duped and minimal violence.

 This seemingly true story about the Mast Brothers and their early, phoney “bean to bar” chocolate business has all the best twists: artisanal chocolate credentials to burnish, wallpaper like wrappers, Brooklyn location, hipster beards, and a dogged Dallas based food blogger with a nose, or tongue as it were, for trouble in paradise. It’s a long, 4-part read, but worth it. You’ll also learn a lot about bean to bar production and the equipment necessary for small batch chocolate. Oh, and Thomas Keller shows up on Christmas. For more on the story, this article also has some great, snobby quotes. 


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