Daily News Reads

While on break, I get to read my news feed app, feedly, at a leisurely pace with my morning coffee and anywhere between one to four fuzzy kitties keeping me company. That doesn’t happen during the semester, where my connection to the outside world gets smaller. So, NPR snippets in the car and while running if I’m not listening to an audiobook (adoring Juliet Stevenson’s Jane Eyre) or a podcast. When I do read my newsfeed on a school day, I skip straight to the following things, depending on the day of the week.

Significant Digits: I should just subscribe to the newsletter, but I read this one from fivethirtyeight.com everyday or nearly everyday.

TheSkimm: My friend Marcie turned me on to this one. It’s a fun way to get your daily news digest.

Yahoo News Digest App: This one is phone based, for Android or iPhone. Twice a day, you get the top 8 to 10 headlines of the day.

Apple News: New York Times has a quick news digest within the app.

Lenny Letter: It’s why I’m usually later to my office than I should be on Tuesday mornings. I should just wake up earlier because I know it’s in my inbox and I know I’m going to read it while making coffee.


Commonplace: Esperanza Spalding

“Creativity is a magic ingredient you can find to harness whatever it is that’s bursting out of you. You can’t push that back inside. The energy is there. Creativity is the tool that we all are endowed with. It’s like a muscle that you can practice. That lava has to come out. The question is what do you do with it?”

~ Esperanza Spalding, interview with the Lenny Letter